University Research Center Policies and Guidelines


Far Eastern University aspires to create and advance a community of researchers “at the forefront of sustainable and responsive research for national and global development.” To help achieve this vision, MG娱乐, through the University Research Center implements programs, grants, 以及鼓励社区积极参与研究的激励措施. 以下是该大学的助学金和一些项目和奖励措施:

A. University Research Assistance Grant (URAG)

The URAG is a financial assistance provided to qualified researchers whose research proposal is duly-vetted and recommended by the designated review committee and approved by administration. 该补助金旨在支付大学政策下进行研究所需的部分费用.

  •  Regular full-time (RFT) faculty members, lecturer full-time under tenure track, 及学术管理人员均可作为主要提倡者申请大学研究资助. 主要倡议者应具备足够的科研能力. For high budget-complex research projects, 需要有相当多的研究和出版记录作为主要支持者.
  • Lecturer full-time (LFT) and/or lecturer part-time (LPT) faculty may be considered as co-proponent of any of the qualified main proponents. LFT faculty may also serve as main proponent if he/she has previously successfully completed and published a research project as co-proponent. 
  • 研究计划的提交有三个截止日期:4月30日, August 30, and February 30 for projects starting in the first, second, and summer semesters, respectively. Deadlines will be strictly followed, 由于已批准的研究项目对教师的学术负荷有影响. Research proposals submitted beyond the prescribed deadline shall be considered for deliberation in the following semester.
  • Proponents are only allowed one (1) University-funded research project at a time except when given permission by the University Research Council.
  • Proponents and co-proponents with previous research projects under URAG can only apply after completion of required outputs and submission of research article to a reputable journal for publication.
  • 研究计划应包括一个(1)学期或最多两个(2)连续学期, unless otherwise approved by the University Research Council.
  • Proposals for research projects, 需要连续两个学期以上完成的课程必须分阶段准备和提交,例如. 第一阶段为本学年的第一、二学期, Phase 2 covers first semester of the succeeding school year. 第一阶段取得的成果应证明可以申请第二阶段.
  • Approval of such continuing research projects under shall be done by phase for proper budgeting purposes since budget is allocated per school year. 
  • Provision of support/ budget for the succeeding school year is contingent upon the availability of funds and progress of research for Phase 1.
  • 本署只会批准延长研究项目期限的申请, 经研究所研究评审委员会(IRRC)批准, if:
    1. 研究项目延迟完成的原因是合理有效的,
    2. 研究的进展证明了进一步的推广和支持,
    3. 在扩展期间完成研究项目不需要额外的费用,或
    4. 本署备有补充或结转预算,以支付先前核准的拨款.
  • 如果一个研究项目没有在规定的时间内完成,奖励和福利将不会扩展到一个研究项目. 在订定的完成日期之后,任何开支不得从URAG扣除, unless extension is duly-approved by the (IRRC).
  • Research projects under URAG, which are co-funded by another agency (DOST-PCHRD, CHED, partner HEI or partner industry, professional organizations etc.)、遵守本大学及联合资助机构的相关政策.
  • Any significant revision to the approved proposal shall be considered as a new research proposal and therefore must be reviewed and approved by the Institute Research Review Committee subject to the deadlines set for submission of proposals.
  • Deferment of implementation of an approved research project is subject to approval of the respective Institute Dean, URC Director and VPAD and SVPAA. Otherwise, inaction on the project is grounds for cancellation of the study and will mean the barring of the researcher(s) from participating in any future MG娱乐-sponsored research projects and disqualifies the researcher(s) from availing of MG娱乐 conference-subsidy grants, 除非迪恩认为情有可原, URC Director, VPAD and SVPAA.
  • The URAG includes a budget for research expenses. 研究计划中的项目预算必须经过研究审查委员会的审查和批准, the Dean, URC Director, VPAD and approved by the SVPAA/ President. 拨款预算的使用以大学政策为准. Guidelines are in 1.3 URAG预算的制订及发放指引如下.
  • Non-compliance to the signed Research Agreement will result in a deduction from the proponent’s salary (and benefits, when necessary) amounting to the approved grant.

B. Thesis and Dissertation Incentive

The University awards thesis and dissertation incentives to full-time (RFT and LFT) faculty members and regular University non-teaching personnel who have successfully defended their thesis/dissertation. 硕士论文的奖金是1.5万帕,博士论文的奖金是2.5万帕.

The applicant must contribute an article based on the thesis/dissertation for publication in an MG娱乐 Research Journal or present a paper in a Research Conference or Faculty Colloquium.

C. Publication Incentive

Far Eastern University gives incentives to its faculty, staff, and academic managers who publish in journals, anthologies, collections, and books published by respected scholarly publishers, 或根据下文所述的指引,或由URC主任另行决定, VPAD, and SVPAA.

  • A faculty member on full-time or part-time appointment (RFT, LFT, LPT), academic managers, administrative officials, 工作人员可以利用研究发表激励.
  • 作者必须在出版物中注明其所属的MG娱乐-马尼拉分校.

The amount of incentive is as follows:

  • Ten thousand pesos (Php 10,000 – gross) for:
    • Reviews published in a reputable journal
  • Twenty thousand pesos (Php 20,000 – gross) for:
    • An article published in a respected, 被菲律宾学术期刊索引(如PhilJOL或CHED索引)收录的期刊;
  • Thirty thousand pesos (Php 30,000 – gross) for:
    • An anthology, reader, or collection considered as scholarly work, containing a substantial introduction, 由著名大学或学术出版社(马尼拉Ateneo de Manila大学出版社)出版, UP Press, etc.)
    • A chapter(s) in a book 由著名大学或学术出版社(马尼拉Ateneo de Manila大学出版社)出版, UP Press, etc.)
  • Fifty thousand pesos (Php 50,000 – gross) for:
    • An article published in a respected refereed journal indexed in international scholarly journal indexes such as Arts and Humanities Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, Science Citation Index Expanded, Emerging Sources Citation Index, Scopus, Science Citation Index Expanded, MLA International Bibliography, 托马斯-路透知识网或由德高望重的学术出版机构如劳特利奇, Verso, Zed, or one of the respected university publication presses;
    • A whole book of scholarly research, creative work or translation published by one of the respected university presses or scholarly presses (Ateneo de Manila University Press, UP Press, etc.)


  • 众所周知,教科书自带金钱奖励;
  • Newspaper or magazine articles;
  • 在报纸和杂志上发表诗歌、个人随笔和短篇小说.

 In the case of shared authorship, 出版奖励金额在所有合作作者之间平均分配, 但只有隶属于feu的合著者才能获得奖励.


D. Aid-in-Writing Program (AIWP)

The Aid-in-Writing Program is specifically for researchers with existing research articles/ papers but need time to write a publishable manuscript.

  • 该项目向教职员工(RFT、LFT、LPT)、工作人员和学术经理开放.
  • The researcher must present evidence of existing research article/ paper to be used in the drafting of a publishable manuscript. The peer-reviewed journal (preferably ISI/Scopus/WOS-indexed) to which the manuscript is to be submitted must also be identified.
  • 该计划的申请必须由研究所研究评审委员会(IRRC)进行评估。, which shall make necessary recommendations to the Dean.
  • URC将审核申请,并处理SVPAA/总裁的批准申请.
  • 该项目为一个学期,研究人员将被分配最多六个(6)研究单位.
  • Final publishable manuscript and proof of submission to the identified journal is the required output for this program.
  • 研究人员必须签署研究承诺书. Failure to comply with the terms specified will mean the barring of the researcher from participating in any future MG娱乐-sponsored research projects and disqualifies the researcher from availing of MG娱乐 conference-subsidy grants, 除非院长认为情有可原, URC Director, VPAD and SVPAA.

E. Research Capability-building Programs (RCBP)

Research Mentoring Program (RMP)


  • (a) seminars on writing coherent, organized and critical research article following the IMRAD format and proper referencing/ citation with the target journal/s in mind, and, 作为参与者从研讨会中所学知识的应用,
  • (b)写作商店,参与者将经历撰写一篇研究文章的整个过程. 

The program will involve a maximum of 25 participants composed of faculty with zero to little experience in writing publishable research articles. The participants shall come from the different Institutes.

Interested faculty should apply for the program by submitting an accomplished application form with the necessary attachments. 辅导者-导师将根据申请人提交的概念论文选择学员. 每个辅导者-导师最多可以处理两个学员或一对学员.

Writeshop with Senior Faculty Researcher (WS)

This is a one-semester program of one-on-one paper advising and finetuning sessions between a senior researcher or seasoned faculty researcher and a faculty participant. The goal of the program is to help faculty members, 有资深研究员或经验丰富的教师研究人员指导, 将现有的研究论文发展成可发表的文章,并提交发表. In effect, the senior researchers or seasoned faculty researchers will serve as internal referees before the papers are submitted to journals.

资深研究人员还将帮助教员参与者确定目标期刊. Advising may also cover revisions required by the journal if in case the article is accepted within the duration of the program.

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